XO Boats — A new brand platform and marketing strategy for the fastest growing Nordic motorboats manufacturer.

Brand images © by XO Boats.


We partnered with XO Boats, a newcomer in the motor boat industry, to discover the essence of their brand, and to design a branding and marketing strategy.

XO Boats had an apparent, strong advantage in its seductive and masculine design, its great maneuverability and durability. The boats are said to require a bit of experience to get the full experience out of the. This lead us to our core insight.

The opportunity for XO Boats was to do for motor boats what sports cars had done for the car industry – separate family driving from driving for the thrill of it.


We facilitated workships on collaborative sessions with the board and owners of XO Boats. This was followed by strategic and creative planning, which lead us to the core idea expressed in the tagline “The Thrill of Driving”.

The Thrill of Driving is the driving idea behind the brand positioning. Whereas most boat brands show families in sunny weather, XO Boats speaks to people who want to test their limits, to challenge even the toughest weather.

The new brand platform now embodies and guides the spirit of the brand. The brand strategy was followed by a marketing strategy, focusing more on the tactics.


XO Boats has had remarkable success, it has created its own sub-category and it is the fastest growing company in its industry.

The brand platform and marketing strategy we created for XO Boats is still consistently being executed. The brand truly different in its category.

You can read more about XO Boats at their website, or why not put in an order for a piece of the action?


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