Valhalla — creating a new brand that captures the essence of Nordic mythology.


Valhalla is a Nordic herb liquer that grew out of our stratregic innovation partnership with Altia, the largest spirits company in the Nordics and Baltic region.

As part of a bigger innovation program, Valhalla was born by combining several of the prevailing trends in 2014. On one hand, we saw the increased interest toward mysticism and fantasy, as seen in several movies and series such as Game of Thrones.

In our own reseach we discovered that the harsh Nordic conditions shaped the taste of plants and herbs that grow in our region of the world. This inspired the insight, which can be expressed through the old saying “The north wind made the vikings”.


We saw an opportunity in creating a new offering rooted in the cultural symbolism and ideal of strong Nordic men throughout the ages. The core brand idea was captured in the tagline “The Spirit of Nordic Legends” – a nod to the stories, spirit and legends that constitute the Nordic way of life.

Our strategists, designers and producers worked intensly to capture the strategy, the concept, the packaging design, naming, visual identity, website and other branding and marketing assets for the Valhalla project.

We launched the brand through a combination of a brand video (story and voice-over script)Tobias Dahlberg), which our in-house production agency produced (director Mika Orasmaa), still images (by Jonas Lundqvist), and through different launch events (internal + consumer).


As the strategy and all launch materials were created, we our production team designed and produced a launch event, one of several promotional events that would take place over the coming years.

Valhalla quickly gained its position in the marketplace. Thanks to a devoted and engaged internal team at Altia, Valhalla started showing up in several new retail channels. Valhalla is widely known and respected in Finland and in the neighbouring countries today. The work continues after a strong start, which put Valhalla at the top of priorities inside Altia at the time of its conception.

Valhalla has taken its own, clear place in the category of herb liquers. It main competitor is considered to be Jaegermeister, but if you compare the taste, and immerse yourself in The Spirits of Nordic Legends, Valhalla has created its own space for the future.

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