O.P Anderson — New product innovation for Sweden’s oldest Aquavit brand.


O.P. Anderson is Sweden’s oldest brand of Aquavit. Born in 1891 and still invited to the party! It is distinctively known for its flavour profile of caraway, aniseed and fennel. It is as well known as it is storied.

We worked with O.P. Anderson to create an innovation program that would move the iconic Aquavit brand forward while still building upon its past. Leveraging the ever increasing knowledge of Aquavit around the world, we set out to break through the current understanding of what Aquavit is and could be – while holding true to the long heritage of the brand.

Our team of researchers and strategists deep dived into the heritage of the brand, the long held cultural rituals and traditions of its use and the role of Aquavit in the market. In doing so we identified new opportunities for O.P. Anderson in use and consumption situations for mixologists, new consumers and tried and true fans.


We set out to develop an innovation program that involved all key stakeholders in the innovation process. For the first round of new concepts, we organised and facilitated an innovation workshop and invited all key stakeholders to participate. We call this ‘onboarding for innovation’ – it gets the culture of the business thinking in new ways about their brand, product offerings and consumers.

For the innovation pipeline we developed over five new concepts that ranged in scope from ready to drink solutions to digital platforms for consumer co-creation to customisable limited edition products. Our team of researchers, strategists and designers developed the concepts from insights to strategy while moving them forward into prototype development and onto production ready final designs.

The results are a series of products that have started to hit the shelves, festivals and bartender events. This includes the newly launched O.P. Anderson Petronella, a low alcohol by volume spirit – enhanced with apple and cumin. At Into the Valley 2016, a summer festival held in Sweden a new range of ready to drink aquavit cocktails were launched. Based on the strategic and long-term nature of the work, we will be posting new concepts as they hit the market.

B/W photos by Sanna Sundin and Calle Magnusson ©.

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