Nordic Spirits Lab — a new brand and business model to bring innovation to the spirits industry.


As part of our strategic innovation partnership with Altia, the largest spirits company in the Nordic region, we were briefed to create a new brand for the Finnish spirits market.

After some research and some planning, we saw a bigger opportunity – to launch a new pan-Nordic brand rooted in collaboration and experimentation.

With such a big number of craft distilleries entering the spirits markets, we looked to science to discover white space – a credible yet future-facing platform for a large spirits company like Altia.


What started with a new product and brand creation brief grew into a new business model – a co-creation community rooted in collaboration and experimentation. We named it Nordic Spirits Lab.

After the concept, business model, visual identity and first product was designed, we collaborated on creating a network of mixologists and bar owners from the Nordic region to join the Nordic Spirits Lab community. Their task would be to help us invent the future of spirits. We also collaborated with world-leading influencers, such as like Tony Conigliaro from The Drink Factory in London, The Future Laboratory and master chef Sayan Isaksson.

Nordic Spirits Lab is currently an existing platform for innovation and collaboration, looking to re-invent the spirits industry. In addition to creating the brand concept, business model, visual identity, packaging design and digital platform, we planned and facilitated the launch. The work is ongoing.

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