Marimekko — a digital platform for educating and engaging the whole company around the brand.


Marimekko is a world-renowned design company famous for its original, colourful textiles, home furnishings and fashion. The company was founded by Armi Ratia in 1951, and today it has over 150 stores around the world.

Marimekko approached Wonder with the following problem; how could they ensure that all employees across the globe would understand the soul of the brand, and know all its products? How could we help Marimekko build a tool for aligning their culture and engaging their people?

With so many new employees across the world with no understanding of the brand from Finland, we knew we had to design a digital platform, and back it up with human-to-human training.


Our winning pitch was a digital platform that combined learning tools, digital “classes” and quizzes for employees, as well as a toolbox including everything needed for store personnel, marketing, sales and designers to create a coherent brand experience.

The new cloud-based digital platform was named Marischool. It allows all employees to log-in from any device to access any kind of information needed to educate, present and engage with the brand.

From training videos and presentations to the latest collections, brand heritage and sales presentations, Marischool offers everything employees need in one place.

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