Larsen Cognac — A new strategy for one of the leading cognacs in the world.


Larsen Cognac was founded by a young Norwegian who left his native Tromsø and moved to France in 1926, out of passion for the land and the making of fine cognac. He stayed in Cognac, and the rest is history.

As Larsen Cognac was acquired by Altia in 2014, Wonder Agency was asked to help create a brand strategy and positioning that would help differentiate the brand among tens of other world-famous cognacs.

With all cognac brands coming from the same small region, differentiating based on provenance and original is challenging. However, with Larsen, the heritage and story of Larsen pointed us in a clear direction. Reidar Larsen was an explorer, and we would need to tell his story in a new way.


To begin our exploration of Larsen, we did our usual thing, i.e. we started digging deep for new breakthrough knowledge and insights. We interviewed key stakeholders across the company, we visited Cognac in France, we toured the production facilities, spoke to the master blender, we talked to the Larsen fan club, and we explored trends.

The answer lie right in front of us, and all our interviews just strengthened our belief in what was the right path. Larsen was the symbol of the “Modern Day Explorer”, ambitious, adventurous people who live to challenge themselves and break new ground.

The new Larsen Cognac brand strategy would be executed on this idea, the same idea and spirit that had encouraged a young man from Tromso, Norway to set leave his legacy in the world of cognac – just like his countrymen – the great explorers had done.

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