Halti — rebranding a legendary
outdoor sports brand.


Halti is a 40-year old brand founded by one of the pioneers of the outdoor sports industry, Juhani Hyökyvaara. We were chosen as Halti’s partner for re-defining their brand and creating new expressions of it.

Halti is known by almost 100% of the Finnish population, and in addition it is well-known in the other Nordic countries and central Europe. But given the high awareness, the brand had lost much of its meaning and its edge. A new direction was needed.

Our initial research led us to understand that people did not understand what Halti stood for. We discovered Halti’s core opportunity by digging into its heritage. We also discovered that competitive brands tended to emphasise adrenaline and energy. We chose the opposite route.


The new brand platform was built around the insights that busy people in the western world are increasingly seeking new ways to balance their stressful lives. Instead of material things and high-adrenaline, these people seek harmony and calmness.

Nature is the antidote to stress, a place of healing and rejuvenation. A place we can go to find balance and calmness. We created the platform around the tagline “Nordic by Nature” – a brand ethos supported by the Nordic mindset, aesthetics and conditions.

A new brand strategy and consequent brand engagement materials were designed, in addition to internal cultural and executional workshops. An first launch event was created for the key customers and press. The consumer launch will happen in late 2016.

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