Fiskars — Envisioning and rebranding a 365-year old brand.


Fiskars is a household brand not only in the Nordics, but in many countries across the world. They are mostly known for their iconic orange scissors, yet their offering spans a broad range of hand-held tools used in the kitchen, garden and around the house.

When we were given the task of re-thinking the strategy, concept and design executions for a brand founded in 1649, we not only felt excited, we were humbled. Fiskars is one of the oldest companies of the western world.

The branding work presented here took place in 2011-2013. It involved a new brand strategy, a complete packaging re-design for 25 countries, brand communication, video production, internal events and some more.


We collaborated with the key client team to discover a new empowering brand strategy. The strategy was built around the core organising idea of “Smart Everyday Functionality”. The idea encapsulates the inventive, ergonomic, and highly functional designs of Fiskars products.

We wanted to take this idea beyond products, and the smartness became the driving word for expressing the enabling power of Fiskars. We wanted to express that household tools are not for dull chores, but rather for expressing your creativity.

We created a series of brand communication built on this idea, that creating endless possibilities is really up to each and everyone of us. This was expressed through all touch point, internal and external.

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