Bonalive – Designing the future of a Smart Biomaterial Company


Bonalive is a biomaterial company offering a range of products that naturally facilitate the filing, reconstruction and regeneration of bone defects. Championing smarter solutions to the growing epidemic of antimicrobial resistance, their smart healing solutions are currently available in over 40 markets worldwide.

We partnered with Bonalive to help them become more relevant within the challenges of the medical industry, aligning their business efforts with a customer-centric approach.

From insights to brand strategy, from brand strategy execution to cultural on-boarding, we have been designing the future of Bonalive for business growth.


We began by using design research to gain an understanding of Bonalive’s key stakeholders across multiple markets.  We used the actionable insights obtained through the qualitative research to inform the design process, across the design and development of the brand strategy, visual identity and multiple touch points.

We funnelled the insights and learnings into the brand strategy process and developed an authentic, yet future-facing brand strategy. We optimised the core strengths of their technology with the core of the brand strategy to create a new positioning within their industry and sector – creating a ‘Smart Biomaterial company’ as a first of its kind. We leveraged the greatest pain point in medicine today to create a promise that is supported by scientific data that differentiates Bonalive from its field –

‘Smart Healing’.

The desire was to make the brand more approachable, human, and open to new ways of working within the medical industry. The developed patterns, images and color live at the intersection of Bonalive’s bioactive glass technology and smart healing for patients.

We developed and designed a new website, as well as tools for the procurement process and medical education and new tools for internal use.

The work is ongoing for Fall 2018.

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