Blueprint Genetics — Strategy and visual identity for a disruptor in the genetic knowledge industry.


Founded in 2012, Blueprint Genetics is a start-up with offices in Helsinki, San Fransisco and Dubai, employing over 100 people and 800 clinicians internationally.

We partnered with Blueprint Genetics to design tools that would support their growth from a start-up to a high growth company. From brand strategy to brand assets and experiences, we designed an authentic, as well as distinctive presence across the ecosystem of the brand.

As a partner, we continue to support Blueprint Genetics as the lead agency on their journey to deliver exceptional customer experiences by designing for new needs and advising collaborators on implementation across all physical and digital channels.


Our partnership began with the development of a brand strategy that would align the start-up organization internally around a core purpose, positioning and promise. We sought to reposition Blueprint Genetics as having a greater purpose than providing DNA panels to their customers, in doing so, we helped shift the start-up from having a product-centric growth strategy to a human-centric focus.

We created a positioning that reflects the human-centric values, reframing the business Blueprint Genetics is in as a ‘genetic knowledge company’. Their proprietary, core technology enables patients to make potential treatment and lifestyle choices based on a deep understanding of their own genetics for rare genetic disorders that are difficult to diagnose otherwise.

The visual identity design was based on a graphic code in which each letter of the alphabet is assigned with a colour bar, replicating the visuality of DNA proteins. The letter colour code was designed to be used in the corporate stationary, patient information materials, as well as branded publications and spaces. The concept for the brand images was developed to illustrate both the scientific and human aspects of the company. The journey continues, as we provide strategic support to our client for 2018.

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