In a world where average doesn’t cut it, success in branding and business requires us to raise our standards. As well as being inquisitive, informative and interesting, the Extraordinary podcast is a resource. Hosted by Wonder CEO Tobias Dahlberg, Extraordinary outlines and sets new standards, providing insights from some of the brightest minds in branding and business.

To kick things off we’re joined by Joe Pine, author of Mass Customization, The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Infinite Possibility and Laws of Managing. Joe is a TED-speaker and frequent writer for various publications, including Harvard Business Review.

In the debut episode, Joe shares many of his core ideas and theories on value creation, customisation, experience and competition. So pull out your notebook and plug in your headphones, this episode is full of golden insight and wisdom. The interview itself starts around 6 minutes, after the podcast intro.

Extraordinary is also available through iTunes.

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