Preparing for a busy summer in the Lab.


Throughout 2017 the collaborative innovation platform has welcomed several Tastemakers to the Lab. Tastemakers attend experimentation workshops, tasting and hands-on creation sessions, as well as launch events. They are the heart of the NSL Community.

The crux of Nordic Spirits Lab as a brand, innovation platform and movement, is to look for inspiration from beyond the boundaries of the spirits industry.

This is also reflected in the Tastemakers who range from herbalists to journalists, and from food strategists to biohackers.

The Drink Lab – Restaurant Day Helsinki

For Helsinki Restaurant Day in May 2017, we took our Lab to the streets. In the spirit of urban mixology and design research, NSL hosted The Drink Lab - a mobile lab setting, set up in the Helsinki city centre.

Passers by had the opportunity to mix their own non-alcoholic drinks from an array of ingredients we had prepared in the Lab. These ingredients included the likes of sea buckthorn juice, elderflower extract, pine water and beetroot juice.

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