In a world where average doesn’t cut it, success in branding and business requires us to raise our standards. As well as being inquisitive, informative and interesting, the Extraordinary podcast is a resource. Hosted by Wonder CEO Tobias Dahlberg, Extraordinary outlines and sets new standards, providing insights from some of the brightest minds in branding and business.

In this episode of Extraordinary we speak to strategist, author and Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, Nick Westergaard. We discuss Nick’s fantastic new book Brand Now, giving you a framework of 7 dynamics for developing your brand. We examine  branding from a strategic point of view, and touch on how any business out there can use Nick’s 7 brand dynamics to stand out in a crowded, distracted world.

Nick also hosts On Brand, a podcast we can highly recommend.

Extraordinary is also available through iTunes.

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