Introducing Wonder Design Lab

Here at Wonder we have been doing things a little differently for some time now. We did something brave, something bold. Something some clients have even called risky.

– We left the powerpoint decks behind and said goodbye to boardroom meetings. We said no, when our clients were asking us for a yes.

What did we do?
We sidestepped classic innovation and design processes. We said no to idea workshops, we said no to the typical innovation funnel. We didn’t move anything down the pipeline through a series of gates.

Instead we innovated the innovation process to allow true innovating to happen much earlier in the process. We rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. We brought innovation and design into our lab- Wonder Design Lab.

When others were designing and doing client reviews over a series of weeks and months, we prototyped, tested and involved clients in the journey over a series of days and weeks. We stayed up through the night to build full scale retail environments in the lab, we brought in both customers and consumers, we tested and refined the design within hours.

What happened?
We flipped the innovation funnel on its head, quite literally. We took a more vertical approach to get from zero to one. We are not talking about co-creation sessions here (although true co-creation can be valuable in the right scenario). We brought new approaches and methodologies to the innovation and design process to deliver real, human-centered value to both the client and their customers.

It’s a new world out there that is moving faster than ever. How will you keep up?

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