Join us November 30th, 2018 for a foundational course on Design Thinking for Businesses.

Do you work in business, innovation, marketing or design and want to learn how to bring creativity into your organisation to solve problems, frame opportunities and move ideas forward within your business? Join us at Wonder Design Lab to get hands-on in a playful way with creative problem solving. Learn the mindset and techniques required today for generating meaningful and relevant brand experiences for your customers, consumers and end users.

In this one day workshop you will join us in our Design Lab for a day of experiential learning focussed on four core learning modules in the context of Design Thinking. You will gain hands-on experience to enable Design Thinking within your organisation to take your ideas further – faster.

Register now, seats are limited!

What’s included:

What is Design Thinking?
What is Human-Centered Design?
How can it be used to create better outcomes in business?

What is framing?
Why is it used?
How can framing be used to inspire creativity?

Ideation Techniques:
How to create an ideation based mindset?
How to generate more creative ideas beyond the status quo?
How to create quantity over quality to consider all of the possibilities?

Experimentation through prototyping:
How to make ideas tangible?
How to use quick and dirty prototyping to test and learn?
How to push your ideas forward into the possibilities of what could be?

How to use storytelling to get buy-in on your ideas?
How to communicate the value and impact of your idea on your users’ life?
How to focus on the story, not the idea, to communicate what you seek to achieve?

In addition we provide:
A Design Thinking Toolkit – an extensive toolkit, yours to take back into your organization.
Lunch – we can accommodate for special dietary needs, just send us a note.
Snacks – a little something to fuel creativity in the afternoon.

Workshop Facilitator: 
Alyssa Stoisolovich is the Strategic Design Director at Wonder, where she leads all of Wonder’s hands-on design processes, workshops, and innovation programs. She is a leading expert on applying Strategic Design to brands and businesses and has been pioneering new ways of working and methodologies across the ecosystem of brands to maximise growth and value for businesses and their customers. As a progressive thinker with an expansive vision, Alyssa has been pushing the boundaries forward within the discipline of design to solve today’s most complex challenges for businesses.

Language: English

Alyssa Stoisolovich
[email protected]
+358 40 151 3777

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