Blueprint Genetics — Strategy and visual identity for a disruptor in the genetic knowledge industry.


Blueprint Genetics is a rising star and disruptor in the fast-changing industry of genetic testing. The company
is based in San Francisco, Helsinki and Dubai.

We partnered with Blueprint Genetics to help them discover their brand’s true essence, and to help them design an authentic, as well as an distinctive visual identity, website, and other branding and marketing assets.

We helped Blueprint Genetics reframe the business they are in, moving from testing to a genetic knowledge company. Many of the company’s projects and future visions will prove that they have a purpose larger than their core business.


After completing the strategy phase; we developed the new visual identity; based on a graphic code in which each letter of the alphabet is assigned with a colour bar, in order to replicate the visual effect of DNA proteins, when text is replaced with the code.

The letter colour code was designed to be used in the corporate stationary, patient information materials, as well as branded publications and spaces. The concept for the brand images was developed to illustrate both the scientific and human aspects of the company.

Wonder was the lead agency, creating the base corporate materials and advising collaborators on how to implement the new visual identity in all printed and digital channels where the brand is present.

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