We are currently seeking a Project Manager for our Helsinki office. In this role you are responsible for the planning and coordination of client projects, as well as their punctual execution. In addition to being the go-to person for various needs that clients might have, you will oversee that

internal workflows proceed according to timelines. You will manage workflows across a diverse team of individuals, both internal and external, and be responsible for the profitability of the project. The role of Project Manager also entails working with the management team to build client proposals and budgets.

You will be joining an energetic team of experts from various backgrounds ranging from strategic designers, producers and strategists, to insights specialists and graphic designers. You will be part of projects from start to finish, ensuring that all team members know their tasks and targets. We are looking for a motivator who can support our multidisciplinary design team in creating extraordinary results for our clients.

What we expect

  • A skilled expert with 3+ years of experience of Project Management leading medium and large scale projects intersecting business strategy, design, communication and branding within an agency or corporation.
  • A problem solver, with ideas that challenge the ordinary, together with the drive – and the guts – to bring them to life.
  • You are used to managing external clients on a daily basis and working closely with your counterparts to ensure a seamless and enjoyable client experience.
  • You are proficient in Excel, and basic office/creative tools including project management software.
  • You have extensive experience in resourcing and time allocation to move the work forward within the scope of a growing team and business.
  • You can work independently to solve problems, and independently to manage the responsibilities of the role at hand.
  • You are an excellent communicator in both English and Finnish. Client face time is a big part of this role and you know how to communicate with clients and identify additional ways that Wonder can add value both to the experience of working with us, as well as to the clients’ business.

Are we asking for a lot? You bet. But if you are the right candidate, this excites you more than it intimidates you. As we like to say, the future holds no place for the ordinary. We are here to create game-changing experiences for our clients.

Send us your application in any form you like, video, resume, portfolio, whatever you think will help you seal the deal. 

The deadline for all applications is 2.2.



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